Hang Drum Musicien?

Who is the best hang drum player?

– According to YouTube subscriber count and video views, the three most popular handpan players are – 1. List of best handpan players.

Artist Subscribers Views
Hang Massive 363,000 71.8m
Daniel Waples 117,000 16.1m
Yuki Koshimoto 103,000 15.6m
Yatao 88,800 11m

What do hang drums sound like?

A handpan sounds like nothing else you’ve ever heard before. Some describe it as tranquil or relaxing like a meditation. Some would say it sounds mysterious, others might even think of the sound as haunting, and yet there are plenty of people who would call the sound joyful.

Where does hang drum originate?

The heritage of this instrument originates in Bern, Switzerland where Felix Rohner and Sabina Schårer constructed this multifaceted instrument called Hang. Felix Rohner was the first prominent player of a musical instrument called the Trinidad Steel drum which received its first recognition in Europe in the early 70s.

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Why is it called a hang drum?

The creation of the Hang was the result of many years of research on the steelpan and other instruments. The name Hang comes from a Bernese German word that has a double-meaning, one of which is hand and the other hillside referring to its convex shape. It is a registered trademark and property of PANArt Hangbau AG.

Why are Handpans so expensive?

– A good quality handpan is neither mass-produced nor quick to produce. Mostly made to order, a handpan is crafted by highly skilled creators to your own specification. With very few skilled manufacturers in the world, demand is high and supply low. That is why handpans cost so much.

What is the difference between a Handpan and a hang drum?

The original makers insist that the title of the instrument be Hang for their brand of hand pan. While the term Hang Drum is commonly used verbally, in writing it is most proper to refer to instruments made by the company Pan Art as simply “ hang ” and all others as “hand pans”.

Is the hang drum hard to play?

Playing a tune on a handpan is easy because of the scale and notation of the instrument. more on that later. The harder part might be mastering a rhythm, although even that does not matter as much as with other instruments. This article is an overview of learning to play.

What is a good beginner Handpan?

Yes, the ever-popular Kurd scale is my #1 choice for the best beginner handpan scale and let me explain why. The Long Answer:

  • Avoid “mutants” / “monsters”
  • Avoid “non-tonic” central notes.
  • Avoid harmonic minor based scales.
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What is the best Handpan?

The following is our list of the top international handpan makers and manufacturers.

  • PANacea Sonora (Canada – CA.
  • Sibiria Sound Sculptures (Russia – RU)
  • SOMA Sound Sculptures (Switzerland – CH)
  • SPB Pantam (Russia – RU)
  • Tacta Handpans (Brazil – BR)
  • TIFLIS Handpan (Greece – GR)
  • Yishama Pantam (Israel – IL)

How much does hang drum cost?

Quality handpans and Hang ® (i.e. nitrided with stable architecture) cost between $2,000 to $10,000. A good one bought direct from a maker will cost $2,000 to $3,500. Although rare, used top-shelf handpans have sold for as much as $10,000. Don’t be fooled, price is not always an indicator of quality.

Which country invented Handpan?

The handpan may look like a Stone Age relic, but it was actually invented about a decade ago by Swiss artists Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer. The two were steelpan makers, and they came up with a new instrument, which they christened the “Hang” meaning “hand” in Bernese German.

What is a hang drum used for?

The Hang is a melodic percussion instrument. Its primary sound is produced by vibrating tone fields described as acoustic membranes. The Hang also vibrates as a whole to produce sound on a secondary, but important, level. The instrument also acts as a Helmholtz resonator.

Can you play a steel tongue drum with hands?

You can even play the instrument using your hands, but if you want to sound more enhanced, then you must use mallets or sticks. They help in producing proper vibrations from the drum and musical scales.

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How long does it take to learn Handpan?

During this time, it was not uncommon to wait between one and three years to get a handpan, especially if you had no connection to the handpan world. Today, incredibly, we can find makers of handpans all over the world! The instrument is widely known and far more accessible.

Who invented hand drums?

Most people agree that the founders of the handpan are Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer of PANArt Hangbau AG in Bern, Switzerland. The two were career steel pan builders as well as inventors of multiple other musical instruments.

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