Question: Musicien Steven Wilson?

Does Steven Wilson have a wife?

He shared the news that he married his girlfriend Rotem in September 2019, subsequently sharing the news and a wedding picture on his Instagram page. His wife has two girls, whom Wilson has adopted.

Where does Steve Wilson live?

In a wider sense, Wilson hides a lot more than most. He lives in Hemel Hempstead, has a partner, a small dog and a fondness for White Russians (“I like to think The Dude in The Big Lebowski made it more of a male thing”), but otherwise his private life remains under wraps.

Who is Rotem Wilson?

He is an English musician, singer, songwriter, and film producer. Currently a solo artist, Wilson was once the founder, guitarist, lead vocalist, and songwriter of the band Porcupine Tree, as nicely as being a member of various different bands, consisting of Black field, Storm Corrosion, and No-Man.

What is Steven Wilson’s net worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Steven K. Wilson is at least $12.5 Million dollars as of 9 April 2021.

How much is Steven Wilson worth?

Steven Wilson’s revenue is $5.5K in 2019. Steven Wilson Net Worth 2019.

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Month Earnings
November 2019 $300 -$400
December 2019 $293 -$391

Is Steven Wilson a good singer?

One thing I’ve always loved about him is that even though he isn’t a great singer or guitar player, he always makes it work. He embraces his limitations and focuses on the song. That being said, his vocals are much better, especially when you listen back to his 90’s output.

Does Steven Wilson do drugs?

Mikael Åkerfeldt has confirmed that Steven Wilson was at least once quite drunk on his watch. He probably tried some drugs in his early years, and from having bad experiences consequently quit using them.

Is Steven Wilson good?

He is a wonderful composer and can make great music but he knows his limitations and recruits amazing musicians to express what is in his incredible brain.

Is Steven Wilson still in Blackfield?

Despite initially announcing his intention to leave the project in 2014, Wilson instead worked again as an equal partner on a fifth album, Blackfield V, which was released on 10 February 2017. A sixth record, For the Music, was released on 4 December 2020, with Geffen again taking a leading role.

How tall is Steven Wilson?

Overview (4)

Born November 3, 1967 in Kingston upon Thames, England, UK
Birth Name Steven John Wilson
Nickname The Nile Rodgers of Prog
Height 5′ 9¼” (1.76 m)

Why does Steven Wilson perform barefoot?

“I was always without shoes, always coming home with my feet bleeding,” says Wilson “So when it came to performing live I was not trying to make a statement, I was just trying to feel more comfortable.”

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Why did Porcupine Tree break up?

“So it was more of an issue of what I felt I couldn’t bring to the band as a writer. And I felt towards the end in particularly, the band’s sound became more narrow, and that’s really why I made the decision [to end Porcupine Tree ].”

What guitar does Steven Wilson play?

Steven Wilson’s main guitar is a PRS single cut in standard tuning. He also has a Custom 24 tuned to Drop-D. On the acoustic side of things he uses a Babicz tuned to standard and an Ovation in “Nashville” tuning.

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