Quick Answer: Andrew Fletcher (musicien)?

Why did Andy Fletcher leave Depeche?

On 26 June 1995, Wilder announced his departure from Depeche Mode: “Due to increasing dissatisfaction with the internal relations and working practices of the group, it is with some sadness that I have decided to part company from Depeche Mode.

How much is Andy Fletcher worth?

Andy Fletcher net worth: Andy Fletcher is an English musician who has a net worth of $70 million. Andrew Fletcher was born in Nottingham, England in July 1961. Andy is best known for being the keyboard player and a founding member of the band Depeche Mode.

How much is Dave Gahan worth?

David Gahan Net Worth: David Gahan is an English musician who has a net worth of $80 million. David Gahan was born in Essex, United Kingdom, in 1962, and worked dozens of jobs before enrolling at Southend Technical College. He joined Depeche Mode in 1980 with Vince Clarke, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher.

Is Andy Fletcher still married?

Personal life. Fletcher is the eldest of four siblings born to Joy and (the late) John Fletcher. Fletcher married his longtime girlfriend Gráinne Mullan on 16 January 1993 and the couple have two children, Megan and Joe.

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Did Depeche Mode do drugs?

Depeche Mode’s lead singer overdosed on heroin Six weeks later, he was clean, but before long, he found himself using again “in secret,” as Gahan puts it. He believes his continued use of drugs is what led to his wife leaving him.

What is Martin Gore’s net worth?

Martin Gore Net Worth: Martin Gore is an English songwriter, singer, guitarist and keyboardist, best known as one of the founding members of the band Depeche Mode. Martin has a net worth of $100 million dollars. Martin Gore was born July 23, 1961 in Dagenham, Essex, England.

Is Depeche Mode still active?

Depeche Mode released their debut album, Speak & Spell, in 1981, bringing the band onto the British new wave scene.

Depeche Mode
Years active 1980–present
Labels Mute Sire Reprise Capitol Virgin Columbia
Website www. depechemode.com
Members Andy Fletcher Martin Gore Dave Gahan

What is Depeche Mode’s biggest hit?

376K subscribers

  1. Depeche Mode – “Enjoy The Silence”
  2. Depeche Mode – “Personal Jesus”
  3. Depeche Mode – “People Are People”
  4. Depeche Mode – “Policy of Truth”
  5. Depeche Mode – “Everything Counts”
  6. Depeche Mode – “It’s No Good”
  7. Depeche Mode – “John The Revelator”
  8. Depeche Mode – “Strangelove”

How much is erasure worth?

Erasure Net Worth 2020 It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $8.2K – $10.9K.

What is the net worth of Depeche Mode?

Depeche Mode Net Worth 2021 It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $35.8K – $47.8K.

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How tall is Andy Fletcher?

Overview (4)

Born July 8, 1961 in Basildon, Essex, England, UK
Birth Name Andrew John Fletcher
Nickname Fletch
Height 6′ 2¾” (1.9 m)

Where does Martin L Gore live?

Gore lives in Santa Barbara, California.

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