Readers ask: Anthony Gonzalez Musicien?

Is M83 still together?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for M83 scheduled in 2021. Songkick is the first to know of new tour announcements and concert information, so if your favorite artists are not currently on tour, join Songkick to track M83 and get concert alerts when they play near you, like 1055227 other M83 fans.

Why is M83 called M83?

The name M83, to clarify, is not some Gallic street parlance or “txt” speak that’s lost in translation, it comes from the spiral galaxy Messier 83. M83, originally a two-man outfit, was founded a decade ago by Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau in their hometown of Antibes.

Who was M83 inspired by?

Inspiration for the 1980s style found in much of Gonzalez’s music includes bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Pink Floyd, and Tangerine Dream.

Why did Morgan Kibby leave M83?

“It was time to move on,” she says, over a glass of rosé in her Los Angeles home, of the decision to leave the band shortly before they recorded their recent album Junk. “I think I spent so much time in fear of not being a part of it, that by the time it happened, I had already spiritually worked through leaving …

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Why did M83 break up?

M83: The Evolution Of The Band’s Sound. Gonzalez decamped to France in 2018 to escape the pressures of his career as M83. After the commercial and critical disappointment of Gonzalez’s 2016 release—Junk—and its subsequent tour, the bandleader needed a break so he could figure out what exactly was next for M83.

Is M83 a shoegaze?

M83 (a.k.a. Frenchman Anthony Gonzalez) has crafted cold anthems from stacked synthesizer swells and pulsating beats that harken back to the ’80s on his first four albums, and that trend continues on Saturdays=Youth, released Tuesday on Mute Records.

Is M83 named after the Galaxy?

Charles Messier added it to his catalogue of nebulous objects (now known as the Messier Catalogue) in March 1781. It is one of the closest and brightest barred spiral galaxies in the sky, and is visible with binoculars. Its nickname of the Southern Pinwheel derives from its resemblance to the Pinwheel Galaxy (M101).

What synths do M83 use?

Synths used include the ARP 2600, Sequential Prophet-6, and Roland Jupiter-6, Jupiter-8, JX-3P and Juno-106.

Is M83 an indie?

Indie band M83 are enjoying mainstream success now. The French electronic band have been actively touring since they released their sixth studio album “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” to positive reviews in 2011.

What movies is wait by m83 in?

The song was also featured in the 2012 film Step Up Revolution, and in the 2019 film Five Feet Apart. The song was featured also in the science-fiction drama tv series Under The Dome in episode 7 of the first season. The song was used in the 2018 ballet, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

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