Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Musicien?

When did Wicca Phase leave Tigers Jaw?

They released a 7-inch single, “Spirit Desire”, in 2009, on Tiny Engines. They released two more albums before announcing a hiatus in March 2013; however, their record label Run for Cover Records announced in August 2013 that the band’s breakup was not official.

Is Wicca a GBC phase?

Los Angeles, California, U.S. GothBoiClique (also abbreviated as GBC ) is an American emo rap collective based in Los Angeles, California. It was formed in 2013 by Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Cold Hart, and Horse Head.

Why did Tigers Jaw break up?

“Obviously it took us by surprise when they told us that they weren’t going to continue on with the band,” he says of when three of the five members of his Scranton-bred, indie-leaning pop punk band Tigers Jaw decided to leave. Many followers interpreted the message as a definite end of the band.

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