FAQ: Louis Cole Musicien?

Are Louis Cole and Sam Gendel Clowncore?

Cole and Gendel are rumored to be behind the surrealist grindcore-influenced formation Clown Core, although this has been disputed.

Who is Louis Cole musician?

A left-field pop musician whose energized material often puts an ebullient spin on everyday pitfalls, Louis Cole is one-half of Knower, a frequent studio collaborator, and a solo artist whose releases include Time (2018), released on the Brainfeeder label.

How much is fun for Louis worth?

FunForLouis is a YouTube channel created by a British film maker named Louis Cole. He has an estimated net worth of $250,000.

How tall is FunForLouis?

Talking about the Youtuber’s body measurements, he stands tall at a height of 6’4″ and weighs around 78 kgs.

Who are the clown core guys?

Clown Core is a masked duo who are likely Louis and Sam.

What is clown core aesthetic?

Clowncore (also known as circuscore or clownpunk) surrounds things such as clowns, mimes, and jesters. Content from this aesthetic is usually bright and happy, although some portrayals of clowncore can have horror influences. Other related aesthetics similar to clowncore can also have dark and disturbing content.

What instrument does Louis Cole play?

Cole, whose main instrument is the drums (“But having said that my whole purpose is writing music and that is definitely more keyboard based so maybe that’s my primary instrument?”) has a background in jazz although the music he writes bears little resemblance to jazz in any pure or classical sense.

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What genre is Clowncore?

Clowncore is a subgenre of horrorcore rap and hardcore rap, usually with influences from rap rock or rap metal. The genre was inspired by Esham’s 1991 EP Homey Don’t Play and popularized by Insane Clown Posse.

Who is the drummer for clown core?

Though not a music major, he fell in with a bunch of players who were. One of them was Louis Cole, who is precisely as skilled a drummer as the anonymous clown-percussionist in Clown Core.

When did Raya and Louis start dating?

When Louis first saw Raya, he had an impression of her as a shy girl. The couple’s first date was in Shanghai, China. After hanging out together for almost six months, the duo officially started dating from the 8th of July 2015.

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