Often asked: John Keeble Musicien?

Which member of 80s pop band Spandau Ballet did fish work with on his debut solo album?

Keeble played drums for Fish, the former lead singer of Marillion, during his first -ever solo show in the Rex Cinema at Lockerbie on 21 March 1989. He performed on his single “State of Mind”, the third track on his debut solo album Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors.

How many members were there in Spandau Ballet?

Through the Barricades: Reunion On March 29, 2009 all five members of Spandau Ballet stood on the deck of HMS Belfast, the site of one of their earliest gigs, and announced a world tour – the hatchet had been officially buried. “Time is a great healer,” Tony Hadley said at the press conference.

Who wrote Spandau Ballet songs?

Gary Kemp is the sole credited songwriter on Spandau Ballet hits, but the three who are suing him claim there was an agreement to share the royalties. The New Romantic band, who were arch rivals with Duran Duran as the most popular group of the 1980s, had a string of hits including True and Gold.

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How did Steve Hogarth join Marillion?

Hogarth considered leaving the music industry and becoming a milkman or postman. However, a meeting with his publishers arranged by a friend, Darryl Way, a founding member of Curved Air, persuaded him to send a tape to Marillion, who were recruiting for a new lead vocalist following the departure of Fish in late 1988.

How much is Tony Hadley worth?

How much is Tony Hadley Worth? Tony Hadley net worth: Tony Hadley is an English pop singer-songwriter and actor who has a net worth of $10 million dollars.

Why did Spandau Ballet break up?

In the 1990s, the band split up after a disagreement about royalties. Hadley, Norman and Keeble launched an unsuccessful court case against Gary Kemp for a share of Kemp’s songwriting royalties from his work with Spandau Ballet. Although they vowed to appeal the verdict, they later decided against this.

What band did Martin Kemp play in?

Spandau Ballet Since 2009 Band Aid 1984 – 1984 / Martin John Kemp (born 10 October 1961) is an English actor, musician and director, known as the bassist in the new wave band Spandau Ballet and for his role as Steve Owen in EastEnders. He is the younger brother of Gary Kemp, who is also a member of Spandau Ballet and an actor.

What was Spandau Ballet’s biggest hit?

It is Spandau Ballet’s biggest hit and their only top ten hit in the U.S., reaching number four on the Billboard Hot 100 in the autumn of 1983 and topping the adult contemporary chart for one week. True ( Spandau Ballet song )

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B-side “Gently”
Released 15 April 1983
Recorded October–November 1982
Genre Blue-eyed soul, new wave


How much is Martin Kemp worth?

How much is Martin Kemp Worth? Martin Kemp net worth: Martin Kemp is an English actor and musician who has a net worth of $4 million. Martin Kemp was born in Islington, London, England in October 1961.

Who had a hit with gold?

Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac is featured on backing vocals. ” Gold ” became a top-five hit in the United States, Canada and Australia. It made lesser showings in the UK and New Zealand. Gold (John Stewart song)

” Gold “
Label RSO Records
Songwriter(s) John Stewart
Producer(s) John Stewart
John Stewart singles chronology


Why is it called Spandau Ballet?

The band ‘ Spandau Ballet ‘ got their name from some graffiti on a Berlin nightclub wall in the 70s. The ‘ Spandau ballet ‘ was the nickname given to the swinging, twitching movement of a hanging body.

Who won the Spandau Ballet court case?

The case went to the High Court, where Kemp won. He later described the battle as “like walking away from a car crash – you’re glad to be alive but mortified and shocked by the wreckage”. The band were back in court three years later, arguing over the right to use the name Spandau Ballet.

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