Often asked: John O’keefe Musicien?

When did John O’Keefe die?

Death and legacy O’Keefe’s last public appearance was on Seven Network’s Sounds program, taped on 30 September 1978, six days prior to his death. Johnny O’Keefe died from a drug overdose on 6 October 1978.

Did Johnny O’Keefe have a car accident?

O’Keefe suffered a major setback in August 1960 when he and two passengers were seriously injured in a car crash in Kempsey, NSW. He was air-lifted back to Sydney with his mother and wife Marianne by his side.

What’s happened to Andrew O Keefe?

Television host Andrew O’Keefe has been an involuntary inpatient at a Sydney hospital since allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, a court has heard.

Who wrote Real Wild Child?

Johnny O’Keefe Dave Owens Real Wild Child / “Wild One” or “Real Wild Child” is an Australian rock and roll song written by Johnny Greenan, Johnny O’Keefe, and Dave Owens.

Who is Andrew Keefe’s uncle?

O’Keefe himself has even drawn parallels between his own issues and his rockstar uncle Johnny O’Keefe, who died of an accidental drug overdose at 43. Johnny was one of the first Australian celebrities to be open with the public about his mental health demons.

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