Quick Answer: Keith Potger Musicien?

How much is Judith Durham worth?

Judith Durham’s net worth is apparently $2 million.

Who married Bruce Woodley?

Personal Life He married Sally with whom he has two children, Claire and Dan.

Who joined the seekers in 1963?

The Seekers were formed in Australia in 1963 by Athol Guy (vocals, bass; b. January 5, 1940, Victoria, Australia), Keith Potger (vocals, 12-string guitar; b. March 2, 1941, Colombo, Sri Lanka), and Bruce Woodley (vocals, guitar; b.

Is Keith Potger still married?

Potger is not married. He was married to Australian actress Nicki Paull, his third wife, from November 18, 2006 to February 8, 2014. His second wife was Pamela Potger and the two were together from 1994 to 2004 when they got a divorce.

Is Judith Durham sick?

Durham has had the lung condition bronchiectasis since she was a child. “I’m advised now medically not to travel,” she explains, matter of factly.

Is Judith Durham still alive today?

Durham left the group in mid 1968 to pursue her solo career. Judith Durham.

Judith Durham AO
Genres Folk jazz
Occupation(s) Singer musician composer
Instruments Vocals piano tambourine
Years active 1961–present

Who Owns we are Australian?

Nathaniel: “Being born in South Africa and then moving to Australia at 6 years old, to now being a part of this very patriotic and special day is amazing. 2014.

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“I Am Australian “
Recorded January 2014
Length 3:36
Label Sony
Songwriter(s) Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton


Where does Bruce Woodley live now?

I am Australian singer Bruce Woodley’s home away from home on Upper Rambert Road, Eudlo has been a source of inspiration for years. “I wrote a couple of songs up there,” he said. “It’s the perfect environment to write songs and that sort of thing.”

Did Athol Guy marry?

He married Annie about 30 years ago and the couple were well-liked in the community. One neighbour and friend said the couple had been in the area for at least 15 years but arthritis forced Annie to give up horse-riding, something she was passionate about.

Why is Judith Durham in a wheelchair?

Unfortunately, singer Judith Durham had broken her hip. (The group ended up performing it at the Paralympics, Durham seated in a wheelchair.)

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