Quick Answer: Larry Collins Musicien?

What happened to Larry and Lorrie Collins?

Lorrie Collins, who along with Wanda Jackson and Brenda Lee was one of the most dynamic female rockabilly stars of the 1950s, died on Saturday at her home in Reno, Nev. Her brother, Larry, with whom she performed and recorded as the Collins Kids, said the cause was complications of a fall.

What kind of guitar did Larry Collins play?

These days Semie Moseley is best known for the Mosrite guitars he built for The Ventures but in the 1950s he was known as that crazy guy in Southern California who built those wacky double-necked guitars for pickers like Joe Maphis and Larry Collins.

What happened to Lorrie Collins?

Death. Collins died on August 4, 2018 in Reno, Nevada from complications of a fall at the age of 76.

Who did Lorrie Collins marry?

Lorrie eventually married Stu Carnall, manager to Johnny Cash and had two daughters. The family frequently traveled back and forth between Nevada and California, but the family moved to Gardnerville full-time while the girls were in high school, according to Lorrie’s daughter Christy Hall.

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