Quick Answer: Musicien De Marcus Miller?

How many kids does Marcus Miller have?

He fathered four children with wife Brenda Miller.

Did Marcus Miller play with Michael Jackson?

From his early years in the Saturday Night Live band and working with flutist Bobbi Humphrey and organist Lonnie Liston Smith to the present day, Miller has appeared on well over 500 recordings, collaborating with Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson, Wayne Shorter, Aretha Franklin, Grover Washington Jr., Dr.

What is Marcus Miller’s net worth?

Marcus Miller Net Worth: Marcus Miller is an American jazz composer, production, and musician who has a net worth of $5 million. Marcus Miler was born in Brooklyn, New York in June 1959.

Who played bass on Never Too Much?

A magnificent vocal showcase, Vandross and his cast of exquisite background vocalists flexed all of their vocal dexterity—scatting, crooning, and harmonizing with the song’s infectious groove, which is punctuated by Miller’s elastic bass work. It was the album’s second single, reaching number ten on the R&B charts.

Who influenced Marcus Miller?

One of my favorites is Etienne Charles, a trumpet player from Trinidad. We had a mutual friend, a famous New York percussionist named Ralph MacDonald, who passed away recently. Ralph was the one who first started recommending me to different producers in New York, and helped me get work everyday as a studio musician.

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How much is Victor Wooten worth?

Victor Wooten net worth: Victor Wooten is an American bass player, composer, producer, and author who has a net worth of $5 million. Victor Wooten was born in Mountain Home, Idaho in September 1964.

Are Marcus Miller basses good?

Both Sire basses had excellent playability, with just a touch of the neck dive that one can reasonably expect from a J-style body/headstock combo. This, by far, in spite of the great-for-the-price construction, is the basses ‘ most compelling attribute. They sound legit good.

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