Readers ask: Jacques Musicien Albums?

Did Jacques Brel write his own songs?

Brel never sang a song he did not write himself. He never made an exception, not even for friends who wrote songs for him.

Did Jacques Brel speak Flemish?

Jacques Brel grew up speaking Flemish and French and acquiring a hatred for the bourgeosie from which he sprang. Canetti finally finished by convincing him and in September of 1953, he started his singing career in the French capital.

What was Jacques Brel famous for?

Jacques Brel, in full Jacques Romain Georges Brel, (born April 8, 1929, Schaerbeeck, Belgium—died October 9, 1978, Bobigny, near Paris, France), Belgian singer and songwriter whose literate, passionate songs made him one of the most popular French-language musicians in Europe and gained him a worldwide following.

What is Jacques Brel most famous song?

5. Amsterdam

1 Quand on n’a que l’amour – Arrangements différents Jacques Brel 2:33
2 Ne me quitte pas – Ré-enregistrement 1972 Jacques Brel 4:10
3 Les Flamandes Jacques Brel 2:35
4 Les bourgeois – Live Olympia 61 Jacques Brel 2:33
5 Amsterdam – Live, Olympia / 1964 Jacques Brel 3:45

When was Jacques Brel born?

Jacques Romain Georges Brel was born on April 8, 1929 in the Belgian capital of Brussels.

What is the meaning of Ne me quitte pas?

” Ne me quitte pas ” (“Don’t leave me “) is a 1959 song by Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel. It has been covered in the original French by many artists and has also been translated into and performed in many other languages. A well-known adaptation, with English lyrics by Rod McKuen, is “If You Go Away”.

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What language did Jacques Brel sing in?

Brel, who left Belgium as a young man to escape the disapproval of his wealthy, bourgeois family, is the most popular “dead” singer in the French language. He still sells more than 200,000 albums a year, significantly more than Edith Piaf. Many of his foreign fans – many of his French fans – assume he is French.

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